The Wonder

Never Lose the Wonder

Never lose the wonder

That Jesus died for thee

That on the cross He shed His blood

From sin to set thee free


Never lose the wonder

Of His redeeming grace

His Love His Truth His Righteousness

Poured out for every race


The wonder of His majesty

The wonder of His power

The universe is in His hands

Sustained in every hour


The world is ever changing

Nothing remains the same

But the Sovereign God Almighty

Never changes, bless His Holy Name.


He is Father, Son and Spirit

God who has ever been

The Alpha and Omega

And all things in between


The universe was made by Him

And we were created too

He made us all so different

There is only one of you


For every child that enters life

God’s light has shone within

So that they may know His loving truth

That they were made by Him


Sheila Egel 2015

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