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Cosmic Mythology - John Hartnet:  This is a presentation to Reasonable Faith Adelaide on Thursday the 20th of February 2014. The presenter is Dr John Hartnett, who is associate professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide.


 Dinosaurs and the Bible - John Harnett:   This was presented to the Congregation at Moonta on 27th April 2014.


 Kay says, "I tell my story in honour of a girl named Sara Maria. She will never chase buterflies, make mud pies or go shopping for her wedding dress, because I selfishly killed her by having an abortion."


ETERNITY - Peter Egel - Moonta Nov 30th 2014


ronnie mccracken Ronnie McCracken - South Australia; February - March 2016:  About Ronnie McCracken
                          Life Story Of Ronnie McCracken
                          The Inescapable Christ
                          Come Thou With Us
                          Your Prophet Not Ours
                          Dont Draw Back
                          Mahershalalhashbaz & Shearjashub
                          God's Marvellous Works
                          The Gypsy King
                          Jesus is Risen
                          This Man will be Our Peace
                          Its an Experiment
Tour in Israel - John Hartnett: Looks at Biblical Historical sites throughout the country where Jesus Christ once trod. Presented June 26 2016
Raymond Moore What a Friend we Have In Jesus - Raymond Moore: 23rd March 2018, A message of hope, comfort, and above all the person of Jesus Christ and what He has done for everyone.


 Listen to an audio message
Peter Egel - After Viewing this message by Jacob Prasch - sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes; Peter concluded with this message from Psalm 23: "though I walk through the Valley..." 28th August 2916
Peter Egel - Israel and the Word of God 19th February 2017 - youtube clips to watch to complete this message are:-
    Distressing images of holocaust -      
    Persecution of the Jewish Race Throughout History -
    Look up:- Map-Canaan-Twelve-Tribes.gif
   During message please watch -
   During the message please watch -
The Land Cries Out - A documentary about abortion from a Biblical perspective -
                                    video on youtube click on the link:
Peter Egel - Comfort  1st July 2017
Peter Egel - The Year in Review  31st December 2017
Peter Egel - Death 22nd April 2018
Peter Egel - Eternity  20th May 2018
Peter Egel - Jude  17th June 2018
Peter Egel - Resurrection  29th July 2018
Peter Egel - Freedom  5th August 2018
Larissa and Peter Egel - Today - 30th September 2018
other material from Rupert can be sourced from his website by clicking here

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