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Rob's Offerings on selected Proverbs

 As you make the journey through the book of Proverbs you will be left with great encouragements.

You will be asked to consider many things such as; the cost of the purchase of your salvation; the all sufficiency of our Saviour; the claims of our Redeemer; the purpose of our redemption; the responsibility of our position and the glory of our destiny. In some small way I hope that these articles help you on your journey.

 You will be asked to consider how enthusiastic you are about being as Christian, about being a person chosen by the Lord, a person chosen to be different. A person chosen to Himself. A person chosen above all others.

 I say again: “Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, that with you there is salvation for the sinner, sanctification for the saved, and eternal reward for the self-sacrificing servant. May we also be able to stand before You and not hear anything from Your lips save, “well done, thou good and faithful servant.” To hear you say, “Thank you for not quitting and for your love, sacrifice, and faith and for being faithful to the task I gave you”

 Rob Goodfellow 2009

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