Wisdom Way

Proverbs 5:7

Proverbs Chapter 5:7

 Put Wisdom and Understanding at the top of the list.

Proverbs 5:7 My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding:

that thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge.


Wisdom is not something we can put on like a garment. Wisdom is character; it is the quality of being wise. It is a condition of the heart and has to do with our relationship to God. It begins with fearing the Lord, and grows as the knowledge of God increases. If the writer had not 'Christ, the wisdom of God" in his mind when he spoke these beautiful and far reaching words, I have no doubt the Holy Spirit did, for they are brimful of New Testament meaning to all who are wise in Christ.

Men have no difficulty in finding the wisdom of this world, which is foolishness with God, but a man is not truly wise until he becomes a partaker of the wisdom of God.

 "Where is wisdom to be found, and where is the place of understanding?” asked Job. Where is this knowledge of God to be found? This wisdom of heart that enables a man so to act before God and men that it will bring satisfaction to his own soul, good to others, and glory to God. It is not found in the human experience neither can human experience produce it. In fact, the world calls it foolishness. Those who would benefit most from it deny and despise such a notion. This Wisdom is available to us everyday.

 Wisdom that makes us wise unto eternal life can only be found in one place. That place is called Calvary, where Christ the Wisdom of God is offered to a world perishing for lack of knowledge'

 Wisdom is precious. We read that this wisdom from God is so precious it doesn't have a price tag. It cannot be bought. All the wealth of the world could never purchase the wisdom of God. It would be an insult to

God, even if man had the power, to offer Him a whole world of gold as a price for His Son. Even the gold of man's righteousness is as filthy rags when offered as a recompense to God.

 The world's best cannot be compared with this gift of God. The joy of finding rubies and diamonds cannot equal the joy of FINDING THE WISDOM OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS.

 It cannot be exchanged. Nothing can take its place. There is no substitute or equivalent for heavenly wisdom. Nothing will ever stand in Christ's stead. Solomon could have asked for anything but he chose wisdom. So can you and I. God understands the need and He knows the place where wisdom can be obtained. The way is the way of love and mercy, and the place is the place where Christ was crucified. Only God could understand how the deep eternal need of man can be fully met. Only He could unveil the secret of everlasting joy. He alone knew where this soul satisfying treasure could be found.

 To be made a recipient of this wisdom we must fear the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.

Wisdom and Holiness are twin sisters.

Where does wisdom come from? Christ is made of God unto us wisdom which is accompanied with righteousness, sanctification and redemption.

With all your getting, get wisdom.

A Psalmist's View of Selected Proverbs 2009

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