Wisdom Way

A Discerning Heart

John 16:16-33

I read a story about a boy who was reading a novel in the living room. His mother called for him to come help her in the kitchen. He responded that he couldn't come because the villain had the hero down and was about to kill him. His mother didn't accept that excuse and told him to come right away! Quickly, the boy flipped to the end of the book and discovered that the hero didn't die after all; the villain was killed, and the hero won. As the boy came into the kitchen he said, "That villain was doing OK in chapter five, but is he ever in for a surprise when he gets to the last page!"
One of the marks of spiritual maturity is the ability to judge matters by long-term consequences rather than immediate rewards.
It's easy to misinterpret who is ahead and who is losing without a long- range perspective.
What appears to be success could be failure in disguise.
We should base our conclusions on long-range consequences and not short-term pleasures.
It has been said that people today know the price of everything but the value of nothing.
Some people who are having a great time today would be sorrowful if they knew what lay ahead. If only they took eternity into account, they would recognize true values in life.
The key word is "Discernment".
It is the ability to distinguish the permanent from the temporary, the seen from the unseen.
Christ contrasted the opinion of the unbelieving, unregenerate world with that of His disciples.
The world would rejoice at the crucifixion of Christ and the disciples would sorrow, but the long-range results would produce rejoicing in His disciples and sorrow for the world.
If we are going to be whole-hearted Disciples of Christ, we must seek God's discernment that we might upon doing His will now focusing upon the long-term results and not the present distresses.

Gemstones - Rob Goodfellow March 2014

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