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Proverbs Ch10:11,20,21

Be an Encourager
Proverbs 70:71a The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life:
Proverbs 70:20a The tongue of the just is as choice silver:
Proverbs 70:21a The lips of the righteous feed many:
It's a good thing to be an encourager. We all need it, and these verses highlight it. We should be encouraging others to press on in God as well as to know how to encourage yourself.
The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life. In Eastern countries most wells were privately owned either by a family or a clan, and were passed down from generation to generation and were considered a great source of wealth and often the ownership was fiercely contested. We do well to guard the way we speak. (see Proverbs 10:18) What we say to our children and our grand children will go a long way in shaping their destiny. Jesus said out of our mouths (well) shall flow rivers of LIVING water. Water that provides true refreshment to a thirsty soul.
Which brings us to another type of well. The one placed in a location for everyone to take advantage.
Wherever you are today, God has placed you there to be that well.
Those three verses are not only about encouragement but also about communication.
Wherever the apostle Paul went he did so with the intent of sharing the good news of the gospel. He was willing to be the source of supply to them. Not everyone thought what he had to offer was living water and fiercely opposed him. Nevertheless, it didn't stop him. He knew that what they believed to be the fresh water was in fact more bitter than the waters of Marah, he knew that if they truly tasted they would see it to be sweet indeed. He would tell them about a tree at a place called Calvary that would once and for all provide the antidote for not only their sin, but bring them to a place where any who would drink of it their sin,but bring them to a place where any who would drink of it would never thirst again.
The lips of the righteous feed many: There is a character in the old TV series "Dad's Army" In everyday life he was the funeral director and whoever and whenever he spoke it was to assure those around him, that whatever they were about to engage in was doomed to failure. He wasn't very encouraging at all. In fact, if they had chosen to respond to his negativity they would never leave home.
0n a more positive note. On one of Paul's journeys they encountered a storm that threatened to destroy them all. It was during that time that Paul's encouraging words initially brought them hope, but ultimately saved their lives.
There is the story of David at a place called Ziglag. A place where he stood to lose everything. He had lost his family, the respect of his men, and could easily have lost his life. But David encouraged himself in the Lord. He knew God was for him. Not only do the lips of the righteous
feed many, they know how to feed themselves. They know how to listen for and respond to the still small voice of the Spirit of God. In this account God gave David the encouragement he needed to get the victory he needed.
Have you ever said to God, "What am I going to do now'? That's what David did. Unlike when God responds to our question and we don't like the answer and so we try something else; David's response was, "You tell me what to do and I'll do it!"
God tells hlm that he will recover all and gives him a strategy on how to go about it.
Therefore David enquired again of God; and God said unto him,
“Go not up after them; turn away from them, and come upon them over against the mulberry trees. And it shall be, when thou shalt hear a sound of going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt go out to battle: for God is gone forth before thee to smite the host of the Philistines.”
1 Chronicles 14:14-15
In the Hebrew text the word for mulberry is Baca which means weeping. Psalm 84 speaks of a valley of Baca, a valley of weeping.
God said to David "When you hear the sound of weeping, that will be the time to attack the enemy who has caused you so much grief."
David got his victory. God got it for him even before he left home. Be encouraged today.
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
A Psalmist's View of Selected Proverbs ©2009

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