Wonderful Works of God


Wonderful Works of God - Set Free

Testimonies to the Wonderful Works of God in the lives of ordinary people.

Moonta 23rd February 2014


Wonderful Works of God - Challenges of Birth

Moonta 13th July 2014

You will be amazed at the wonderful ways God weaves His purposes in the midst of the womb and in those responsible for the baby's care and protection.  (follow their testimonies)


Wonderful Works of God - Life After Abuse

Moonta 9th November 2014


The pain and truth of being sexually abused as a young person is now being exposed. Trusted people and organizations are under the spotlight. The fundamental flaws in the pillars of society that were plastered over and suppressed for many years are now being examined by various Commissions. What next? Is the legal remedy sufficient? Can lives, both of the perpetrator and the abused, be restored? Watch and listen as these people tell their story and how God has worked in their lives. (Follow the stories of people whose lives God is restoring)


Worderful Works of God - Testimonies

Moonta 13th December 2015

John Hartnett with his son Ben declare how they were drawn to Jesus and what God has done with them since.
John from the Children of God cult and Ben after exploring many belief systems.
Dimitri and Julia have seen what God can do when their desire to serve God was tested. Their young son Leo is living evidence of God’s power to heal.  

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