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Testimonies to the Wonderful Works of God in the lives of ordinary people.

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Moonta 23rd February 2014

Peter Egel introduces

From L-R Pastor Rob Goodfellow , Tom ByronCampbell Mathewson and Long Ho

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However many words would be needed to fully appreciate the life changing events spanning nearly 30 years in the above picture. It began a week before Tom was due to be sentenced for the murder of Campbell’s sister. Pastor Rob Goodfellow with Glen Pitman (now 86 years old) witnessed Tom’s decision to follow Christ and his subsequent baptism in prison. That decision has stood the test of 25 years in gaol where he was used to establish prayer meetings and church services. His decision to befriend Long Ho when Long was abandoned and disowned by all, was a strategic point in Long Ho’s life that threw him on to the amazing grace of God. He was not disappointed. He has been transformed from a wealthy but unfulfilled drug chained gang leader to a person restored to his wife and children. Most importantly, he has not forgotten where he has been but is humbly following Jesus in the new life he is living.

If their stories were all that happened at “The Wonderful Works of God” meeting held in Moonta on February 23rd then God’s handiwork in people’s lives would have been clearly seen. However, 3 days before the meeting a person recognized Tom’s name on the flyer and was instrumental in bringing the brother of the person Tom had murdered to the meeting. Campbell spoke how he had become a Christian and, soon after, was challenged by the words of Jesus. but if you do not forgive men their sins, neither will your Father forgive your sins”. He arranged to see Tom in prison and wholeheartedly forgave Tom with the ability God gave him.

On the day of the meeting in Moonta, Long Ho was unaware that Tom would be attending and Tom did not know that Robbie and Campbell would be there. What unfolded in a packed hall was an awesome appreciation of God at work for almost 30 years with many people inspired and challenged to keep short accounts with God and each other.

Peter Egel concludes


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